Project Update - 15th January 2019


The Race for The Racehorse

Now that the New Year is well under way, we want to let you know how the Race for the Racehorse is progressing - we think “slowly but steadily forward” is the best description!

Our big news is that we have now raised over £130,000 in pledges. Taking into account grants and loans this enabled us to make an offer of £175,000 to the vendor, which although it was not accepted this time round, means that they know we are serious!  It’s also a sign that we are getting closer to raising the necessary funds and so we’re all feeling fired up for the weeks ahead!

We’ve been delighted to have some new blood involved too - Andrew Clarke, Steve Gray and George Harvey are now lending the committee their valuable and much needed support around fundraising and the business plan, social media and the website. Amongst other things, this will enable us to give more time to organising different events and get-togethers, so watch this space……… 

Our task in the New Year will be to continue raising money through pledges, grants and loans to make sure we can buy the pub. We will also be writing to local businesses to ask for their support- so if you have personal contacts that we can use or ideas please let us know.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support over the past year – we’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without you all backing the Race for the Racehorse.


Stu Read