Westhall Community Pub

What is The Race for The Racehorse?


We plan to open a new community pub!

The Racehorse was until 2016 the village pub for Westhall, serving surrounding villages as well. We are aiming to buy it as a community asset. Here's why you should join The Race for The Racehorse. You will

  • Get involved in the local community

  • Help to preserve your community for the future

  • Be able to buy shares and own your own pub

  • Have a place to meet friends, new an old, in the locality

  • Be able to contribute your views on how it is run

We intend The Racehorse to be more than a pub, serving the needs of all groups in the community. 

Remember: Once it's gone, it's gone forever! 


Welcome to 'The Race for The Racehorse!'

Our aim is to re-energise the Westhall Community through the acquisition and re-opening of the Racehorse Pub as a community asset.


What is our project?

We want to reopen the Racehorse as a community pub. Most of us see the 'local' as an important part of the life of an English village. We agree and think that Westhall deserves its own pub.

A community pub is owned and run by the people it serves. There are an increasing number across the country operating successfully. And remember, not only does it provide entertainment and community, it also increases the value of homes in the area by as much as 10%!


The Committee

In order to kick-start the project a Community Meeting was held on 18th January 2018, at which a number of people volunteered to help get the project underway. Then on 27th September 2018 at another public meeting the fundraising campaign to buy The Racehorse was launched.

The Project

We will be seeking to buy the pub, refurbish it, and run it for the benefit of the community and surrounding areas. We will need lots of people to get involved in this inititative if it is to be a success.

External Support

There are organisations who can help us with advice, grants and loans. We will be making best use of all of this as part of the project.



We will be holding a range of events for the local community, to support the project. Why not join us in The Race for the Racehorse!


Pop-Up Pubs

Pop-Up Pubs are held approximately monthly. Watch out for details

The Pop-Up Pubs, held in the Village Hall, aim to bring the community of Westhall closer together, and also to gather momentum for the main aim, the re-opening of The Racehorse.

We have held multiple Pop-Up Pubs so far, very well attended by a cross-section of the community. As well as drinks at a very reasonable price, there are games and the opportunity to talk to friends, old and new.

Other Events

Fundraising events are important for our cause

Keep looking out for posters in the village, as well as this website, for other fundraising events. If you have a great idea, please let us know and we will organise it.


 The Race for the Racehorse!

Westhall needs a Pub to be a thriving community.

Join us in our enterprise and have lots of fun along the way!


Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the project. Whether it is through specialist skills, time and energy or financial contributions, we need you to make the project a success. We welcome anything, however large or small. And by doing so, you will help  to make Westhall a great place to live. 

Please see the 'GET INVOLVED' page for specialist skills we need immediately 


Join us at en event

Events will generate much needed funds for our project, and are key to its success.



To be successful, we need many people to be involved, with as much or as little time as they can afford.