Public Documents

Please find various public documents below which you can download -

Documents covering the Shares Scheme:

The Community Shares Offer - Read this for a detailed understanding of the Shares Scheme.

The Business Plan - This document sets out our vision and plan for the purchase and management of the pub. Its purpose is to demonstrate that the pub is a sound and viable business opportunity for potential investors.

From the Public Meeting held on 27th September:

The Pledge Form - Please print, complete and return this form to pledge how much money you would be willing to invest in “The Race for The Racehorse”. [Note: 07/04/19 - We are not currently accepting new pledges.]

The Pledge Letter - Our letter seeking pledges.

The Presentation - For those of you who couldn’t attend the meeting here is a copy of the presentation given by members of the Start-Up Committee.

The poster - advertising the public meeting which was displayed around the local area.

The meeting invite - flyer sent to households advertising the public meeting.