The Project

There are a number of ways in which The Racehorse could be reopened. For example, it could be bought by a private individual or by a consortium. The Racehorse has been on the market for some time, and has not yet been sold. We believe the best way to ensure it's future success is to buy it as a community asset. This is what we are about.

Since the first public meeting we have been working in a number of areas. We have

- Talked to communities who have successfully opened their own community pub.

- Approached organisations such as 'The Pub is the Hub' and The Plunkett Foundation who provide advice and funding for a project like ours.

- Looked at potential legal structures for a community pub.

- Taken a close look at the state of The Racehorse and done an initial assessment of what would be needed to get it ready for opening.

- Started work on a strategy for raising the funds we need.

- Run a number of Pop-Up Pubs in the Village Hall, to raise money but more importantly to generate enthusiasm for the community.

- Built this website.  

- Completed a Formal Business Plan.

This last is the next key milestone in the project. Once completed, we will have it reviewed by The Plunkett Foundation, and based on that exercise we will determine the next steps. Our expectation is that we will be holding another public meeting to formally constitute a committee to continue the journey. At the meeting we will also be indicating the ways in which you as a member of the community can help make the project a success. We expect this meeting to take place in the second quarter of 2018. 

We need your help. This project can only be successful with the help of the entire community. See the section 'Get Involved' to understand how you can help.